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Tony Katz Exposes Deceit Of Chicago Tribune, Think Progress

Tony Katz Tears Down The Patriot Majority-Influenced Narrative Overtaking the ISP Voter Registration Fraud Investigation & Calls Out Reporters Who Buy Into It

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Since the Indiana State Police began their investigation into reports of possible voter registration fraud by the Indiana Voter Registration Project, IVRP parent group Patriot Majority has been spreading half-truths and falsehoods about the investigation and those involved.

Patriot Majority and their allies in the so-called media are trying to deceive Hoosier voters and throw the election, says WIBC Morning News Host Tony Katz:

Patriot Majority and their likeminded allies in the so-called media--this isn't media, this is yellow journalism, right? And this isn't reporting, these are hit pieces. They're trying to throw an election, they're trying to sway--through lying, through deceit--Hoosier voters. 

One media outlet spreading Patriot Majority's misinformation is the left-leaning website Think Progress, which on Wednesday published a story on Indiana's supposed "voter suppression":

Patriot Majority are making the claim that 45,000 black voters are having their vote suppressed. There is not a single fact to back this up. Yet we have Think Progress's Kira Lerner here: 'Indiana officials are trying to block almost 45,000 black voter from voting'. This is false, yet this is what they're writing.

According to Tony, there are three major falsehoods in the first paragraph of Lerner's story:

She writes, 'roughly 45,000 newly-registered voters in Indiana, almost all of whom are black, may not be allowed to vote next month after state police targeted the state's largest voter-registration drive, forcing it to shut down its operation'.

  • Number one, how do you know that they're black? Indiana does not have a space for race on their voter registration forms. The federal form does, but the rules state quite clearly that you don't fill out race in the state of Indiana.
  • You say the state police targeted the voter registration drive--absolutely untrue. The ISP were called in by Hendricks County to take a look at voting irregularities; that led them to Marion County and then to 56 counties across the state.
  • Finally, you say 'forcing it to shut down its operation'. This is also not true. There is nothing out there saying that the ISP forced Patriot Majority or the Indiana Voter Registration project to shut down.

Tony adds that The Chicago Tribune's David Rutter is also guilty of spreading misinformation:

'Indiana GOP loves chasing voter fraud plots'. The GOP is not chasing anything; this is the Indiana State Police. If David Rutter wants to say that the whole of the Indiana Police is suspect, then be a man and say so. Don't sit there and blame someone else when you're too afraid to blame who you want to blame.

Rudder, like several other sources, implicates Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in his web of deceit: 

  • He writes that Trump and Gov. Pence are moving forward on everything being rigged, saying, 'Pence's Secretary of State hears this corruption chat--meaning Pence talking about corruption--and darn if some anonymous guy doesn't report that black people are being inspired to take over Indiana'. He follows it up with: 'they are actually trying to vote, OMG'.
  • He's moving forward this lie that Republican Sec. of State Lawson and the non-political Indiana State Police are suppressing a black vote or targeted this voter registration drive because they were targeting black voters. Not a single thing having to do with decency. 

If we've learned anything, it's that we can't trust what some network media source is going to talk about--that's why all of us must share WIBC's content on the voter fraud investigation as much and as often as we can, says Tony:

They're quoting WIBC in CNN and other places but they're not digging deep into what it is that we're saying. It's so easy that we're able to expose the lies and the disgusting nature en masse of these so-called journalists. So, we need to share our content through our social media networks. Share it everywhere you can. 

Tony Katz and WIBC, once again exposing the lies of the "journalistic media". We can do this. We can do this if we just work at it. And we will.

Hear the rest of Tony's take below: 

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