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After Just Four Months, The Rockville Road Bridge Over I465 Is Reopening Next Week

(Relax.  There's now a bridge there ^)


Crews with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) rebuilt the Rockville Road bridge at a blistering pace, and just in time for the month of May in the racing capital of the world. 

Ironic?  Absolutely.  

But that’s how it goes in Indianapolis leading up to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing: FAST.

Just months after a mobile car crusher slammed into the bridge and destroyed about a dozen support girders, Rockville Road over I465 is fixed and set to reopen next week. 


(Photo Credit: Indiana State Police)

This is a before picture, we swear.

This will make Avon commuters very happy, as well as race fans going to and from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway next month.

INDOT and Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials will drop the green flag – so to speak – during a celebration on the bridge Monday morning.  And it’s certainly worth celebrating – this is a big deal for Indianapolis, and the hard working crews should be commended for their efficiency. 

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