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Traffic: Going To The Race Is Prom Night: Leave Early, Make Safe Decisions

The Prodigal Son Returns On Race Day, Plus Another Fancy Map

Happy race weekend from the entire crew at the sophisticated WIBC Traffic Center!  You’re favorite driver is going to lose UNLESS your favorite driver is Takuma Sato - whose name means “no worries.”  

Damn it.  Laugh at that.  Nobody else does.

Use the sexy interactive map below for street and ramp closures, but most importantly, check out our pre-race coverage with the illustrious Tony Katz and a handful of WIBC broadcasting legends.  Terri Stacy is there - the forever queen of the Indianapolis 500 - along with Big Joe Staysniak - who could start at right tackle for the present day Colts.  I’d donate a kidney to make it happen.

**This just in, as in during the writing: actor Jeffery Dean Morgan is driving the pace car.  He’s the Walking Dead guy.

Cool. Anyways.

Vice President Mike Pence is in town:

It means extra security, and a race day change up:  Gate four at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be closed BOTH Carb Day and race day.  Reconsider your high heels. Go with boots. LEAVE EARLY.

As far as road and ramp closures, this fancy interactive map will help on all of that:


It’s really simple, treat race day like your senior prom: leave early and practice safe habits.  

Have the best weekend in spectacular Speedway.  We’ll talk again soon.

Much love - Bair

Matthew Bair is an inspiring safe driver and the new voice of Indianapolis traffic. Follow him on Twitter at @WIBCTraffic or his personal account @MattINTraffic. They finally gave him a phone, so call in any tips at (317) 684-8134.  

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