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Carmen Get It; the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Has It

ISO presents Carmen Sunday at Hilbert Circle Theatre; my chat with Krzysztof Urbanski

Carmen Get It isn't just a bad pun.

It is how I first heard the legendary Georges Bizet opera "Carmen."

It was, of course, a Tom & Jerry cartoon.


I would pay good money to see my friend Zach DePue, concert master with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and music director/conductor Krzysztof Urbanski recreate that on the stage of the Hilbert Circle Theatre.  I will likely hold on to my money for a while.

That said, I thought the ISO would be performing selections from Carmen this weekend.  I didn't read the fine print - Maestro Urbanski filled me in when he stopped by this week.  They are doing the whole opera, or at least a slightly truncated version of it, acting and all.  It's the first time the orchestra has tried something like this during Urbanski's tenure, but why not - it is the centennial of the Hilbert Circle Theatre, after all.

My talks with the Maestro are some of the best I have had during my time at WIBC.  I cherish each one.

And I didn't slip him a 100 to get him to sneak in a snippet of There'll Be a Hot Time In the Old Time Tonight.  I should have.

The final performance of Carmen by the ISO is Sunday afternoon, 3pm.



I didn't know the ISO and the Maestro were putting on the whole opera, or at least a good chunk of Carmen, until he came in. That and I get to tell my story of first hearing the piece via the "Carmen Get It" Tom & Jerry cartoon. It's Sunday afternoon at Hilbert Circle Theatre.

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