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5 Apps That Make Saving and Managing Finances Simple

Scraping for money at the end of every month? Have a child/grandchild going out on their own? A friend that can't seem to put themself on a budget so they're able to buy those concert tickets with you? 

There are a TON of apps out there that can help organize different aspects of your finances. Check out this sample of apps that can help you change saving habits and improve your financial well-being:



1. Digit is a simple app that keeps track of your spending in order to figure out how much you can comfortably save.

If you’re spending more, it will save more and vice versa. The app makes sure to never withdraw your account. Digit also sends texts to let you know when it saves for you and keeps you up to date on your checking account balance so you know exactly how much money you have. They make it easy for you to withdraw money and deposit it into your checking account.

Watch the video below for more info:


2. Qapital is another type of savings app, however it allows you to personalize your saving habits to fit your lifestyle.

For example, the app can round up your purchases to any dollar amount, save every time you go to the gym or grab coffee, or save a certain amount every day/week. Customize what you're saving for too!

Want to see how it works? Watch below!


3. Mint is one of the most popular finance apps out there right now, and for good reason!

It allows you to see all of your accounts, credit cards, bills, and loans...all in one place. It also categorizes your spending and creates a chart so that you can visually see where your money is going. Didn't realize you spent that much on coffee every month did you? Mint is online as well as an app so you can access your information wherever is convenient for you. Create budgets, get bill reminders, keep up with your credit score, and get on top of your finances once and for all!


4. Want to invest while you save? Acorns is for you.

This app costs $1 a month, however it makes investing easy. Spend as you usually would and Acorns rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar. That money is then put into your Acorns account and distributed between a collection of ETF's, Exchange Traded Fund. This is great app if you want to set up a savings trend and forget about it because Acorns does all of the work for you.  


5. Level Money is a simple app that shows you exactly what you can spend.

It analyzes your income and bills and then calculates what can safely be spent today, this week, and this month so that you know exactly where you are with your finances. Not sure if you should buy that new sweater or book that trip? You might want to check out this app. 

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