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Donate to Support Neighborhood Kids EXCEL in Summer Program

Kids living in the cycle of poverty on the Indianapolis Eastside have a summer of fun, personal growth, and adventure ahead of them—and it’s all possible because of the kind, generous, supportive people of Indiana who give to the Shepherd Community Center.

Their Summer EXCEL program is off and running and volunteers, interns, and staff members are mentoring, encouraging, and keeping kids grades K - 12 engaged in learning throughout the summer, plus providing 2 hot, nutritious meals each day!

These kids are affected by poverty rates reaching as high as 38.6%. Shepherd’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty and provide hope and support for them and their families.


We’re not sure who’s more excited for Summer EXCEL—the kids or the staff!

We aren't sure who is more excited about camp this summer - the teachers or the kids?

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Just showing off our excitement for summer day camp finally starting this week!

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Donating to Shepherd Community Center allows these kids to have the resources and supportive relationships needed to succeed in school and in life.


so this local program can continue making a difference in developing, strengthening, and shaping their lives for future success with activities like:

  • Gardening and Healthy Living
  • Experimenting with Science
  • Adventuring through New Books
  • Eating Healthy Meals

Our kids are excited to use our teaching kitchen today!

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  • Strengthening Math, English, and Reading Skills
  • Learning about the Love of Christ
  • Playing Games Outside
  • Traveling to the Zoo, Pool, and Much More!


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