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Don't Send Your Kid Back to School Without These Must-Haves!

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Yes, it can be pretty and functional! Send your kid back to school this year with no excuses for a messy, unorganized, or boring home away from home. Here are some fun, simple, and inexpensive ways to make sure your kids have everything they need to succeed while away at college. 


M A K E  I T  O R G A N I Z E D

Nothing says It's Study Time like a clean and organized desk, especially when it's color coordinated!


There's no better feeling than opening your closet door and seeing exactly what you were looking for.

Here's one way to organize and label a closet so your kid saves time during the rush of college!


M A K E  I T  H O M E Y

An addition as simple as your kid's favorite pillows can turn a dorm room from drab to fab instantly!


When helping your kids pack, don't forget to remind them to bring a little piece of home with them to school...or two pieces...

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M A K E  I T  O N  B U D G E T

Sometimes the answer is as simple as a few plastic containers!

Woven baskets are always a fun touch, but your kid can be just as organized with this cheaper alternative.


Why buy 10 cases and pouches when you can keep everything in one place?

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M A K E  I T  S M E L L  N I C E

Unfortunately, candles or open flames are not allowed in most dorm rooms, but don't worry, we have some sweet swelling alternatives! 

Trust us, you would regret sending your kid to college without Febreze...

Any predictions for #SB51 tonight? Here's one:

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Flowers are probably the prettiest thing to add a little extra scent and flare to a dorm room, just remind your kid that any flowers you give them won't last forever!

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