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Keep the Cold Where It Belongs... Outside!

The snow has hit and it came full force! You already have to deal with shoveling it off your car or driveway, don’t let it cause more inconveniences by letting it take over your home with its frigid temperature! 

Getting your HVAC system tuned up every 6 months keeps your home feeling warm, comfortable, and well... homey!

Unless you’re a native of Antarctica and don’t mind below-freezing temperatures… the best way to ensure your home can ward off the outdoor temperatures is with furnace tune up. It's worth it!


Everything that goes into a HVAC tune up:

• Check thermostat calibration

• Clean and adjust burner assembly

• Clean ignition assembly

• Test starting capabilities

• Examine heat exchanger for damage and corrosion

• Monitor flue draft

• Test safety controls

• Clean and/or replace standard air filters

• Clean and adjust blower components

• Measure electrical connections

• Measure volts and amps

• Lubricate all moving parts

• Clean condensate drains

• Measure temperature difference between supply air and return air

• Adjust gas pressure and pilot light

• Monitor heating cycle


This can all be done for less than $100. EVEN LESS with Howald Heating and Air during their New Year's $59 furnace tune up special if you use this web coupon!



Our promise: We deliver.

Nobody will love your furnace, air conditioner or plumbing system as much as we do!

Our techs will knock on your front door with a smile on their face and a firm handshake to assure each and every customer that you are in good hands.

We will arrive on-time providing honest advice and estimates insuring your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently.

Our techs and professionals will always provide quality and honest work.

Our team has an open door policy with all of our customers and among our employees.

We're interested in your suggestions, which continue to make us stronger in serving you with safe, reliable service.

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