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The Lost Meal: Breakfast

You wake up, you rush to get ready and get everyone out the door, you’re flying through traffic like you’re in The Great Race, and then, it hits you… hunger pains. 

This manic rush causes us to forget about what was always called the most important meal of the day growing up: breakfast.

When you are able to have breakfast you just feel better, dare we even say, happier? It seems that everything is right in the world. And your stomach isn’t growling in the middle of your client meeting.

But, how can you possibly find the time to feed yourself in the early AM? Win a contest, of course! And this one is WAY better than that stale muffin/cereal/breakfast bar you found in your car… 


Enter below to get your office a catered-in breakfast from Franciscan St. Francis

Fill out my online form.
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