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The mini handbook to downtown Indianapolis during Colts season

Sometimes the only reason you don’t want to go to downtown Indianapolis to see your boys in blue fight it out on the field is because of the pain you know you'll have to go through to get to Lucas Oil Stadium. Maybe all you want to do is just drink with your buddies while watching the game at a nice spot close to stadium or even tailgate. Well, here are a few easy tips to make that process a lot less time consuming and with a little less agony.


Skip parking

Have you seen those tiny blue and white cars popping up all over Indianapolis parked in front of what looks like meters? Those are blueindy cars. Those little guys will make your commute downtown during football season so much easier. Just reserve one and a parking space close to the stadium, bar, or tailgate you’re going to. Then BOOM - done. 




Uber or Lyft are great alternatives, too. It might be a little pricier, but it’s worth it.






Driving in

Indianapolis can be a complicated place. It gets even weirder when football is involved. But the underrated road in of Indy to get to LOS is Capitol. It’s a lot faster than you might think! Also, check out this little guide.






Best after game spots

Once you’re downtown you might want keep the celebrating going! But where and how, you may ask yourself. For a classier joint try Weber Grill with drink specials on flights and Blood Mary’s on Sundays. It’s also a great excuse to get that amazing steak you’ve been wanting. Tin Roof is a great place for live music and cheap drinks. It can get crowded at times, but you’ll feel like you’re in college all over again. 



And don't forget to check out our Bud Light Tailgates! We have beer, food, games, music, and a ton more! Best of luck on your next downtown adventure! 



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