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A note from Zeus & Max for a fellow K9 brother

This morning the staff here at WIBC received one of the most touching letters we've gotten in a long time. It was a note from Zeus and his brother Max - both pups. They had an important message for both us and the next IMPD K9. It reads:



My name is Zeus. I am a 9 month old German Shephard. My brother is Max an 8 year old American Bulldog mix. Max always wanted to be a cop but he's now getting  a little old for the law business. 


I think I would make a good officer, but Max says I need to stay around the farm and help Dad & Mom with horses, & cows and chase cats. So we put our allowance together and are sending it to you so Indianapolis can get a real good police dog.


Max & Zeus 


p.s. We really like Tony. We listen to him in the barn every morning! 



Thank you, Max & Zeus, for your kindness and donation to help out the police department and our city! And making our morning. If you'd like to donate please check out 9K for K9!

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