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The Perfect Playlist for Your Tailgate

The sun is shining, the food is on the grill, and the beers are flowing, but one of the most important pieces is missing: music! There are so many good reasons to tailgate to your favorite beats; maybe you’re wanting to grill out to show off your tan lines, or bring that new date to a tailgate to decide if she really is worth the expensive whiskey, and the classic of just trying to drink with your buddies so you can dance like a cheerleader. Here, we have provided some playlists to help your tailgate turn up.


With a perfect blend of country tunes and summer jams, try out the playlist made for grillin’ and chillin’ to soak up the beautiful weather right before kickoff. Or, if your goal is to consume enough drinks to forget about all those under-performing on your fantasy team, turn up the EDM laced playlist featuring hit making machines such as Fetty Wap, Drake, and more.



Happy listening. Please play responsibly.

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