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Reuse These 5 Everyday Household Items


Tired of throwing things out you know could be used again...but don't know what to do with them?

Here are 5 objects you can repurpose around the house!


1. Dryer Sheets - These can be used for so many things, even after already being used in the dryer. Try a used dryer sheet out to dust, remove soap scum, or even to remove hard-to-clean dishes!


2. Chalk - Not sure what to do with that little stub of chalk? Use it to remove stains from clothes, prevent mildew/odors in the laundry basket, or tools from rusting.


3. Wire Hangers - If you get your clothes dry cleaned, you likely have a lot of wire hangers hanging around. Use them as-is to hang objects like scarves, or use the hook as a caulk stopper, or to grab that hidden drawsting in your hoodies or pants. 


4. Lint - You probably don't think twice when you throw out lint, however it has quite a few uses! It's a great firestarter, can be used to make paper, or can be used as nesting material for hamsters, gerbils, or birds. 


5. Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Rolls - This abundant household object can also be repurposed in multiple different ways. Create napkin rings, stuff and wrap in newspaper to create a firestarter, or attach to your vacuum hose as an extension.  


Hope this gives you some inspiration to make use of things around your house and save some money! Have any more tips? Let us know!

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