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When you aren’t a sports fan: Tailgating

The infinite guide to enjoying a tailgate when you don’t like football

Tailgating. You'll be talked into it at some point or another in your life - like it or not. So how do you get through it? How can you make something that you are completely not interested in, like football, and make a FULL DAY of it? Well, we have a few things that you can look forward to and enjoy. 




Even if you aren’t a sports a fan, listening to great music is something everyone can be down for - especially if it’s live. It’s pretty much like going to a concert.




Drinking games

Games are the best way to take your mind off of anything and have a good time. Particularly if it involves booze! Play a few like flippy cup, or the list here to make your tailgating experience more adventurous!





Good food is good food - and tailgates always have it. If it’s grilling out on your own or attending one of our tailgates with food vendors, you can’t go wrong.





Team spirit is infectious. It makes you want to jump in and root for the team! Regardless if you even know the team’s name or what sport this is.  Who cares?! You just want to make sure your people win! #winthis 



Have a blast, you tailgating fiend, you! 


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