World of Whack

I can't keep up with the trends of presents these days, but I'm pretty sure a gift card is better than this.
Because that's how you can make loads of money nowadays. Not really, since they barely cost anything, but hey, it's China.
The smog has gotten so bad in China that people will be able to make money by selling people bottles and cans of clean air. This is what makes China so completely and totally awesome.
This is just the latest in odd fads from Japan. Listen to the Chicks and their take on it.
Sure, you have to go to Wales, but you could make some serious coin being a Christmas Light Detangler!
Thought I meant money? Not quite. This Chinese man actually rides his giant pig around like a horse. It makes me hungry just looking at it.
I understand the thought behind trying to be "more impressive", but come on, this is absolutely insane, not to mention extremely painful.
This guy is such a genious, the problem is: why didn't I think of this?!
So because there are so many male children in China, they will eventually have to deal with the fact that there will not be enough women to be married too. Oops, guess they didn't think about that!