The cool kids wear yellow, I guess.

Posted By: Matt Bair · 11/10/2013 6:04:00 PM

The Washington Post erected an interactive map that calculates the average income and number of college graduates in every zip code across the land.  If you're one of the chosen few who live in a zip with a median average household income of around 120,000 dollars with 68 percent of the residents graduating from college, then CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!!!!!! You live in a "Super Zip," a term that was originally used by Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute.  

And if you have an inquiring mind, you can probably fingerprint that Indiana city that qualifies as a "Super Zip" AND carries one of the 100 richest zips in all the land.  Need a hint?  You have to keep your dog on a short leash and you'll often drive in circles.  That's all you get, and no, it's not Speedway.

Here's a map link.  Knock yourself out.

It's Monday and you buy lunch on Mondays.  Remember?