Ice Cream = Spending = Cancer

Posted By: Matt Bair · 12/12/2013 10:20:00 AM

Mock was cast down with the liberalities after supporting the budget deal publically, publically as in the radio show. As in WIBC. She made a nicely wound comparison to getting a little ice cream cone instead of a big ice cream cone, but at least you get an ice cream cone instead of no ice cream cone. All aboard?

No. Here's our friend Lee.

Dear Chicks,

Out of control federal spending is not like scoops of ice cream, but like a cancer. Opponents of the deal on the table are not keeping anyone from ice cream, but are trying to get more of the cancer removed.

Great show!

Okay thanks for writing mister. I assumed that Mock was comparing the budget DEAL to having an ice cream, not the free market crushing out-of-control spending.  Here's our friend Roger,


Your ice cream example really sucks but I'll try and work with it to explain what's wrong with this budget deal.

The government has been using YOUR credit card to buy EVERYBODY ice cream and when they've maxed out your credit card in the past you've just complained and raised your credit limit. After years of complaining that they weren't paying you any money back you finally guilted them into agreeing to limit their ice cream purchases. But now they are complaining because they are limited so what they tell you is, if you raise the credit limit again now, they promise, cross their heart and pinky swear, that they will limit their ice purchases by a third of the last credit limit raise sometime in the future. And this time they mean it. You can trust them this time, it's not a lie like all those other things they promised and didn't do. So just enjoy that single dip cone they bought you with your money while thinking that if they didn't spend all your money you could have bought the banana split for yourself. And just consider April 15th as paying down the ice cream bill.

Thank you for explaining, Roger. It's much, much clearer now.

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