Who want's to play basketball for team North Korea?

Posted By: Matt Bair · 12/20/2013 2:26:00 PM

Self-appointed ambassador to North Korea and confidant to evil dictators, Dennis Rodman, held basketball tryouts in Pyongyang today. Rodman may or may not be coaching the team against a group of somewhat apprehensive NBA players during an exhibition game on January 8th, the same day ruler Kim Jong-un turns 31. When you have the world by the shoestrings like Rodman does, you call the firing line shots..not the other way around. In the video, you can hear Rodman call North Korea a pretty cool country, a description usually reserved for nations that don't bury its citizens in mass graves while perpetuating famine outside of its capital.

The Chicks have more today on this and some other things.  Give this video below a second or two before you go on vacation. It's a compilation that was painstakingly assembled by a father who captured 25 years of his kids shuffling downstairs for Santa every Christmas morning.  Enjoy.  Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas.