Welcome back, you..

Posted By: Matt Bair · 12/26/2013 2:45:00 PM

If you slugged back to work through all the grey matter of the Indianapolis skyline today, you'll probably acknowledge the noticeable absence of Mock and Daisy where they normally radio on WIBC. Your stereo is not broken so there's no need to shimmy to the side of the road and set your car on fire. First, Christmas is over but the season is alive in us 365 days a year, and that's certainly not in the Christmas spirit. 

The Chicks return a week from today (January Two) after 2013 starts drawing social security. The exuberant Tony Katz is filling in tonight with the "at large one" on Friday. You'll be entertained, we reckon. There's a segment attached if you need a quick fix, and the podcasting section is like an untapped diamond mine of previous audio. Riches.. unlimited, juicy riches.

Also, a friend of my brothers said a pair of Colts playoff tickets is floating around the radio station somewhere. You know how the ancient verse goes.. if the Chicks blog finds the Colts playoff tickets then the Chicks blogs goes to the Colts game. More likely, they'll be given away on the air. Listen for details because for now they're secret. We don't even know when the game is! AH if only there was some sort of device that had this information! I'll head for the library.

Be safe..