Christmas and the New Year and the caramel filled middle.

Posted By: Matt Bair · 12/27/2013 2:36:00 PM

Rocket bike and I were waiting for green at New Jersey and Michigan this morning when an ear drum nuking car horn echoed from the largest truck ever witnessed on the streets of Indianapolis. It seems the driver in front of the truck failed to get off their mark in less than a half second, which prompted the driver of the truck to remind us all that "what I'm doing is more important than what you're doing so watch as I also ride your bumper out of the intersection and rev my engine angrily." No biggie. We're on day two of Santa's watch for the next Christmas cycle, meaning it'll take a beat until karma catches up.

Where did that come from.. sorry, especially with the news cycle going into overdrive the last few days (not really).  Take a look at THESE headlines (in no particular order of importance).

-Kanye West has taken a vow silence for maybe six months or for maybe longer. We'll have to backtrack and listen to old interviews if we want to hear his "realness," according to Kanye. I attached a picture of Yeezus carrying Kim's shopping bags with an unmistakable look of defeat. It's pretty real. ness (and awesome).

-A white guy in Texas was charged with a federal hate crime for playing the knockout game. No other participants in the knockout game, regardless of race, have incurred the wrath of the federal government.

-A 33-year old woman in Connecticut tracked down her boyfriend's ex-lover and beat the snot out of her. On Christmas day. In front of her daughter. While her boyfriend filmed.

All apologies for the excessive negativity.  The Chicks blog refuses to allow such cynicism into the weekend. Here's a cute dog knocking over plastic bottles.

Abdul out of the bullpen from 4-6.  Enjoy your weekend.