In case you haven't spend enough time with your kids

Posted By: Matt Bair · 2/4/2014 2:41:00 PM

The trumpets of snowminican republic have been screeching for nearly a week now about the incoming batch of winterness, making it either the 19th or 20th snow storm (I think) in the last thirty days or so. It's hopeless. The dogwoods won't bloom until July and our first shirtless work day is out of the question until late August. Here's Todd.

We have all sorts of fun snowy stuff on the radio show today, including some rather prolific traffic reports from Sir Alex and some rather disheartening weather updates from the RTV 6 barnstormers. Also, Abdul is on from 6-8 tonight, which is.. yes.. you guessed it.. an extra hour more than his normal weeknight affair (I would have posted that on the Abdul blog but I'm not allowed to touch things that aren't mine).

Good luck. Drive safe. Take pretty pictures and celebrate Facebook's ten year anniversary by posting them. You're happening. So tight..