The Brew from the Center

The Brew from the Center

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The Ultimate Indy Beer Tour

A while back some craft-beer fans from Upstate New York came to visit Amy (Mrs. Wenck) & I here in the Hoosier State. We took our pals, Jean and Lance, on a trip through Broad Ripple and SoBro to sample some faves and nosh along the way. We hit four pubs in five hours and took a cab home, and it got me thinkin’…     What if travel were ... Read more

New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale

  This is the flagship amber from New Belgium brewing out of Fort Collins, CO – a popular entry-level craft brew with a TON of marketing savvy behind it. Home-brewers love cloning the thing – mainly because there was a time when you couldn’t buy it out side of a few western states. New Belgium prides itself on: 1) alternative energy for all its operations and 2) brilliant ways to ... Read more


If there were ever to be an ‘American Maibock’ style – or maybe, a better definition would be ‘US Doppelbock’ – a traditional spring offering with a lighter color and a load of US of Ale flavor, I’m going to nominate balanced hop-mad beers like this behemoth – it’s a monster with ballet toes. It’s listed on Bell’s site as a seasonal brewed in winter, and the early spring arrival of ... Read more
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