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Mark Cuban is My Hero

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Minority partners in the Mavericks, the Hillwood Investment Properties, had sued Mark Cuban, alleging that he spent too much money on the team and should have instead paid out to the partners. And what did Cuban do?
Delaware County Ohio Sheriff's Office says deputies responded to a call about a domestic dispute early Saturday, and a man told them his wife was drinking at a wedding and hit him before locking herself in a car. When cops approached the woman, she allegedly sprayed them with breast milk.
For months, someone had been marking up posters in the New York City subway with a distinctive, cursive script version of the word “moustache.” Police say they nabbed him.
Russell Tellup gave a Domino's Pizza delivery driver a $20 check for a pizza and the check bounced. You won't believe what THAT cost.
New York State Police troopers say 20-year-old Sean Schmidt was standing with his upper body sticking out of the sunroof of a vehicle traveling on Interstate 190 in Buffalo late Monday night. When a trooper following in a state police cruiser activated the car lights to pull the other vehicle over, Schmidt threw a small bag of marijuana, which landed on the hood of the trooper's car.
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