The View from the Center

The View from the Center

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The Grandstand

We all distill events like the one that transpired at the State Fairgrounds differently. Those in attendance last Saturday night who witnessed the collapse of an aluminum stage rig into a crowd of people seemed to have three different reactions: dumbfounded bewilderment, hysteria, or a focused attempt to pitch in. None of these reactions are wrong or right - we can’t judge a single person for the way they processed ... Read more

The Best Father's Day Gift I Could Possibly Receive

On June 2, 2011, I had the incredible honor of induction into the Dads, Inc. Fatherhood Hall of Fame - along with Mickey Maurer, Willis Bright, Marco Dominguez, and Father of the Year Stan Howard (Matt's dad - go Dawgs!) Past inductees include Tony Dungy and Gov. Mitch Daniels. I was utterly shocked at the accolade, but what really moved me was the induction speech delivered by my son, Oliver. ... Read more

On Friday the 13th

Okay, triskaidekaphobes – it’s Friday the 13th. Why is today unlucky? According to author Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, who wrote a book about the superstition simply titled 13, it’s a reference to the crucifixion of Christ. Good Friday was preceded by the Last Supper, a table that sat thirteen – Jesus and his 12 apostles. The taboo against seating thirteen people at a single table was prevalent in the 17th and 18th ... Read more
Ed Wenck

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