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Bee Creek Ale

ABV 4.8%, IBU’s unavailable


Bee Creek’s Ale was on sale during my last foray into the shelves at my local supplier of hoppy stuff. I had a full basket of powerhouse stouts and Belgian-style trippels, so I threw in a few odd bottles from the cooler, this among them. This offering from Brazil, Indiana, was a surprisingly nice treat.
This is a very, very friendly beer. I’m immediately reminded of mainstream stuff with this in much the same way that Sun King’s Cream Ale presents itself – this is a session beer. Bee Creek Ale conjures copious consumption around summertime campfires. (Say that quickly after three of ‘em.)
The color’s a wonderful honey gold, but this particular bottle head a head that dissipated all too quickly – I’ve heard other pours yielded better results. The little trace of lace was as delicate as the nose – nice, gentle, floral hops, a tea-like blend of lemon and honey again – true to the name, eh? Not a complex drink, just a bit more citrus-hoppy than a macro-draft. Upon the second taste: first a lovely malt, then a light bitterness, gentle carbonation. Dry finish. Not too much alcohol. This is the perfect introduction to craft beer for the Bud Light consumer: non-threatening yet tasty, a great quaff after mowing the yard on a hot July day. Buy your macro drinker a six of this. They’ll love it. 
Ed’s Score: 8.7 out of 10 for a solid B+. Workingman’s brew! Bummer about the head, alas.
Ed Wenck

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