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ThriveMap -- A Goal-Setting Workshop with CJ McClanahan

Forum Conference and Events Center, 11313 USA Parkway, Fishers
Friday, December 14, 2012
Registration 8am-8:30am; Workshop 8:30am - Noon

If you’re ready to finally get clear about what you want to achieve in life, join 93 WIBC for “ThriveMap” -- a goal setting workshop with CJ McClanahan.

CJ is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker who has spent the past two decades studying successful businesspeople.  This workshop, "ThriveMap", is one he's developed in an effort to help you get serious about making positive improvements in 2013.  He even personally guarantees that it will inspire you to set meaningful goals!  

CJ lists seven reasons why you should attend:  

•    Environment - You’ll be in a room filled with more than 200 professionals who are completely committed to improvement.

•    Process – You’ll follow a proven process that results in a simple 2 page goals “map” for the rest of your life.

•    Purpose – For the first time, you will gain clarity around your purpose and walk away with a simple statement that guides every decision you make.

•    Templates – As soon as you get back to your office, you will receive an electronic template of the tools we utilized in the workshop so that you can make changes on your own.

•    Inspiration – You will hear from 2 nationally acclaimed motivational speakers (CJ McClanahan and Missy Shopshire) who will inspire you to change your behavior.

•    Giving Back – Every single penny of your ticket price (only $59) will go directly to support the Shepherd Community.

•    Guarantee – If this isn’t a life changing event that inspires you to set meaningful goals, I will personally cut you a check for $250 as you walk out the door.

Sign up now and meet us there!  

To learn more, please visit www.thrivemap.com.