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Citizens Stage "Tax Revolt" at Statehouse


About 200 people rallied at the statehouse Wednesday in what organizers proclaimed a tax revolt.

The rally featured several veterans of past rallies demanding property tax relief. But activists have shifted their focus to what they say is a too-cozy relationship between politicians and business, with much of the anger focused on the plea for more money to support the Pacers, their arena, and the Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium.

"No amount of money will satisfy the appetite of these billionaire sports team owners," declared blogger Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana. Welsh complains Marion County's hotel and food and beverage taxes are already at or near national highs, and that legislators have yet to offer any details on paper of how they intend to patch the stadiums' budget hole.

Welsh was one of four bloggers on a 90-minute program which jammed a smorgasbord of issues under the umbrella of special-interest influence, including eminent domain, legislative ethics rules, illegal immigration and property taxes.

With the exception of a Pacers bailout, most of those issues are already dead for the session or expected to die without a hearing in the House. One discussion topic, the IOU's piling up from the federal bailout and stimulus packages, isn't a statehouse issue at all.

Tax Revolt at the Statehouse
A Tax Revolt took place at the Indiana Statehouse on Wednesday, March 25, 2009.  ( photo: Eric Berman)

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