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Brizzi: Inappropriate to Comment on Durham Allegations


Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi maintains he has no knowledge of allegations against executive Tim Durham and in a statement released by his office, Brizzi says "it would be inappropriate" for him to comment.


Brizzi confirms that he was, until recently, a member of the Board of Directors of Fair Finance Company. FBI agents raided that firm's offices in Akron, Ohio and those of Obsidian Enterprises in the Chase Tower in downtown Indianapolis Tuesday. Both firms are owned by Durham.

The raids came one month after the Indianapolis Business Journal questioned whether Fair Finance was capable of repaying some $168-million owed to investors. IBJ reported that Durham had used the firm to finance several business interests, some of them failures, since he bought the business in 2002.

Brizzi says he accepted the directorship at Durham's invitation but upon reading the IBJ report, he indicated to Durham that he was no longer interested in serving on the Board. Brizzi says he never attended a meeting of the Board, never voted as a Board member, was never involved in any of the business decisions of Fair Financial and was never compensated as a member of the Board.

Durham's lawyer, John Tompkins, says his client "has done nothing wrong." Tompkin refutes any suggestion that Fair Finance is insolvent.

The attorney says Durham was in California Tuesday. Tompkins says, "He was contacted in his office in Los Angeles by the FBI. He cooperated fully."

» FBI Conducts Raid at Downtown Office (11-24-09)

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