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Prosecutor Defends Secrecy in Carmel High School Case


The Hendricks County Prosecutor says she sees nothing unusual in the veil of secrecy surrounding the Carmel High School assaults investigation.

"I wasn't involved initially when everything came out, but actually it's being handled--as near as I can tell--fairly normally for an investigation involving juveniles," says Patricia Ann Baldwin. "Current investigations have a certain amount of privacy needed in order to not taint other interviews of evidence seeking that you have."

Carmel is located in Hamilton County, but the investigation has determined that the incident involving basketball players took place with the bus in Hendricks County as it headed home from a game.
 It's still up to the Hamilton County Prosecutor, Sonia Leerkamp, to decide whether to file charges in another assault that is said to have taken place in the Carmel High School locker room.

Baldwin hopes to have a decision by the end of April. She says the case requires a careful--and time consuming--investigation because of "a lot of potential witnesses, a lot of different persons of interest and different locations involved, different time frames involved."

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