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Monument Circle to Become Pedestrian Mall

Test-run in August could lead to permanent change

4/30/2010 photo: Matt ScheidlerThe City of Indianapolis is announcing plans to close Monument Circle to vehicular traffic.


It's a pilot program scheduled for August and should be in effect for a month.

The plan is to create a pedestrian plaza on the circle.

The city's director of marketing, Jen Pittman, says it would be an interesting way to spur economic development in the heart of downtown and also protect the infrastructure around the circle.

The spokes will remain open and there will be room for a vehicle that makes it up to the circle to do a u-turn and exit safely back onto one of the main thoroughfares.

Pittman says vehicular traffic on the bricks around Monument Circle is destructive over time, so closing the circle would preserve the infrastructure around the monument. She says it would also invite pedestrian traffic to the monument itself.

The plan is for community fairs and similar events on Monument Circle and officials hope the pilot will generate enough interest and enough community groups who want to use the circle to promote their activities and that pedestrians get an idea of what it could develop into over time if vehicles are removed from the picture.

If the pilot is successful, public input would be sought before a final decision is made.

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