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Prosecutors May File Charges This Week in Carmel Hazing Case

Hamilton, Hendricks County authorities plan to announce decisions jointly


Prosecutors in two counties hope to wrap up the investigation of hazing allegations at Carmel High School by the end of the week.


Hamilton and Hendricks County investigators have been working together to probe a reported locker room assault, and accusations that Carmel basketball players assaulted a teammate on the team bus after a January 22 game at South Vigo.

Any charges in the bus incident would be filed in Hendricks County, but Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp says she and Hendricks County's Patricia Baldwin plan to announce their decisions together.

She hopes that announcement will come by week's end, but isn't guaranteeing it.

"Whenever I delve into this investigation, it seems like little unexpected things have a way of popping up," Leerkamp says. "We like to make sure that we are covering all our bases of information."

A Hamilton County grand jury has reportedly joined the investigation.

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