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Expert Analyzes Arrested Officer's Alcohol Level


IMPD officer David Bisard's blood alcohol level was tested at .19 over two hours after a fatal crash last Friday.

Officers on the scene say they could not tell he had been drinking.

Alcohol Tobacco Commission certified trainer and bartender Cliff Rawley tells us for a man weighing 180 pounds, it would take over 10 drinks in an hour and maintain a drink per hour to test at that limit.

Rawley also tells us the blood alcohol content would lessen by .03 in the two hours before Bisard's blood was tested.

At Bisard's BAC, he would have still been legally drunk six hours after his blood was tested.

Rawley is trained to spot intoxicated people by certain symptoms they show, and so are IMPD officers. Rawley says he could absolutely tell if someone had a .19 blood alcohol content, even if the person was a functioning alcoholic.

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