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Ministers Call for Public Safety Director's Dismissal


Indianapolis ministers are still expressing anger toward Mayor Greg Ballard. They turned out in force for Monday night's City/County Council meeting.


Both walls were lined with signs saying things like, "Crime is down in the city....but up in IMPD" and "Straub needs to go!"

Reverend Stephen Clay, who heads up the Baptist Ministers Coalition, says they still haven't had a meeting with the mayor over their concerns about the police force.

Clay and the other ministers are calling for Frank Straub's dismissal as Public Safety Director. Clay even went as far as to say he would encourage his parishioners to not vote for Ballard, who is running for re-election next year.

The ministers want to talk to the administration about the Brandon Johnson police brutality case and the fatal crash involving officer David Bisard.

Officials with the Ballard administration did speak to the coalition briefly last week.

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