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Workshop Offers Students a Start at Law Career


Photo: Reed Parker
(Photo: Reed Parker)
An insurance giant and a high profile law firm have teamed up to offer high school students help in starting a law career. Wellpoint Inc. and Bingham McHale worked with the Street Law program to offer workshops with Howe High School Academy students.

The workshops offered students a taste of what it takes to practice law, including role-playing exercises. Legal staff also taught the students about contracts and employment law during the three day program.

Student Abraham Lopez says he's interested in immigration law and the workshops definitely put him on the right course.  Student Ashley Heise says she got interested in law at a young age during her parents divorce. She says the program has furthered her desire to help the community.

Howe Government teacher Frank Pagano says many of the students in the class are looking into a law degree when they head off to college.

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