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Group Forms to Fight Against Education Reform Proposal


A newly-formed group that says its mission is to protect funding for public schools continues its push against sweeping education reform being considered in the state legislature.

The Indiana Coalition for Public Education Monday held a news conference on the steps of the Indiana statehouse to voice opposition to a voucher program that would use taxpayer money to help parents send their children to private schools.

ICPE Executive Director Joel Gand calls the system unconstitutional because it would give public dollars to religious institutions. He argues funding lost to a voucher program would hurt public schools at a time when they already have been stung by state cuts.

Opponents also believe the system would put Indiana's economically neediest children at a disadvantage because, even with the voucher money, some families would not be able to cover the entire cost of tuition.

But supporters maintain that vouchers would give parents the power to select the school that's best for their children's individual needs, improving academic achievement.

The legislation is pending before the House Committee on Education.

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