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Actor Glover Joins Protesters at Statehouse


Actor Danny Glover helped ramp up pressure from union protesters against legislation that would limit collective bargaining rights.


The "Lethal Weapon" star spoke to several hundred Indiana union workers Monday inside the statehouse, telling them that he sees the anti-union bills as an assault on the middle class.

Union workers have been protesting since last Monday to try to stop legislation they believe would cut wages in Indiana and destroy unions.

The most controversial proposal was a right-to-work bill, which would have permitted workers to opt out of paying dues or fees to unions they don’t join, even if the group represents them.

That bill died last week after Democrats walked out to prevent it from moving forward on a key deadline day.

But union leaders say that workers want to see other bills — including one that would prohibit project labor agreements that show preference to union workers and put into state law a ban on collective bargaining for state employees — killed as well.

The Senate has already passed several bills opposed by the unions but action in the House has grinded to a halt because democratic lawmakers have fled to Illinois to prevent Republicans from having a quorum to do business.

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