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Mother and Son Claim $74 Million Powerball Prize


The latest Hoosier Powerball winners have come forward.

William Swanson and his elderly mother Marilyn claimed their $74 million jackpot prize Friday.

Swanson is an Indiana University graduate who is now a geo-scientist in Houston, Texas.

Swanson bought the winning ticket on Good Friday while visiting his mother in Merrillville.  He went back to Houston before the Saturday drawing.

After the drawing, his mom checked the ticket, was shocked and called him to make sure she was seeing correctly.

"I started reading him the numbers and he said, "Do that again!" Ha! Ha! Ha!" said Marilyn.  After that, Swanson booked a flight back to Indiana.

Swanson bought the ticket at the Meijer at 611 Lincoln Highway in west Merrillville.

They took the cash payout and take home $27 million after taxes.

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