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Indianapolis Man with Famous Name Gets Facebook Profile Back


An Indianapolis man named Mark Zuckerberg had his Facebook account taken down until Wednesday afternoon.
Zuckerberg is a bankruptcy attorney who only created his page to connect with colleagues. He tells 93 WIBC's Ed Wenck on Indy's Afternoon News he had trouble even starting the account two years ago.
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"I had a very hard time even getting on. They even sent me some of the emails that we went back and forth on and I had to provide them all types of documents and I sent it on so they had verification of who I was two years ago," Zuckerberg says.
Mark Zuckerberg is also the name of the creator of Facebook which led to the thought that Indy's Zuckerberg was an imposter. He credits the media attention with helping him get his profile restored, which has taken him four months.
Zuckerberg says his profile was restored with all of his friends and photos intact. Similar incidents have occurred involving regular people with famous names, like Kate Middleton and Justin Bieber

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