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Friend of Missing IU Student Speaks Out


A close friend of missing 20 year-old IU student Lauren Spierer is one of the many people reaching out for help in finding her friend.
Blair Wallach is a longtime friend of Lauren's from the New York/New Jersey area and described her friend to 93 WIBC's Ed Wenck on Indy's Afternoon News.
Listen to the Interview:
"She's just an amazing person and so warm and fun to be around. She's like the type of person you want to be around when you're sad because she'll just like brighten your day in any way possible. She's my best friend through everything."
Wallach says she's been in contact with Lauren's parents as they continue to search for their daughter in Bloomington. Wallach asks anyone who may have any information on Lauren's whereabouts to contact Bloomington Police.
She is using her Twitter and Facebook pages to update people with the latest information. There is also a separate page dedicated to the search for Lauren at

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