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Bloomington Police Serve Search Warrant at Missing Student's Apartment Building


Lauren Spierer
Lauren Spierer

Bloomington Police served a search warrant at the apartment building of 20 year-old Lauren Spierer, the IU student who has been missing since early Friday morning.

Fox59's Russ McQuaid says police began arriving around 7:30 Tuesday night armed with a battering ram and the warrant. They waited nearly an hour to find a key to a door inside the building.

Police then used the battering ram to knock down two doors near the lobby of the building. One was the mail room and the other was the door to the security room which holds computer equipment and video screens and where security officers monitor the security cameras at night.

McQuaid says police left with at least four computer hard drives from the security room.

Bloomington Police told Fox59 early in the investigation that there was no video evidence of Spierer ever arriving back at her apartment building early Friday morning.


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