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Confrontation at Lauren Spierer's Apartment the Night She Disappeared


Our newsgathering partners at Fox59 report an altercation took place at the apartment complex in Bloomington where missing student Lauren Spierer lives on the night she disappeared.

An attorney for one of the acquaintances that was with Lauren the night she went missing says there was some sort of altercation inside the lobby of the Smallwood Apartments just after 2:30 Friday morning.

The confrontation was recorded on a surveillance camera and reportedly involves the man who walked Lauren home and other people inside the lobby. Lt. Bill Parker says they have spoken with people that were with Lauren and have even conducted some polygraph tests.

"We have spoken to the acquaintances that were with her in going up to the other apartment on 11th and then the acquaintance that watched her walk away but I don't want to characterize or state what was stated at this point," Lt. Parker says.

Bloomington Police have reviewed the video and say Lauren was not forced out of the apartments. More details are expected during Thursday morning's news conference.

Meanwhile volunteers continued to search the Bloomington area for Lauren including IU Men's Basketball Coach Tom Crean, who was able to speak with Lauren's father.

"You can't tell the man, 'Hey get some sleep. Get some rest,' because I wouldn't do it and as a father, I'm sure he's not going to but I think anytime he can get any sense of comfort that there are a lot of people out here that are part of the mission along with them to find this young lady, you just hope that it helps," Crean says.

More of Lauren's friends from New York, including Frank Merante and Taylor Valentine, say they're just trying to keep hope and stay positive for everyone around them because they know Lauren would do the same for them if they went missing.


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