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Billboard Says Hot Dogs Are As Bad As Cigarettes


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A Washington D.C. group is taking a stand against hot dogs, claiming they're as bad for your health as cigarettes.
The group known as The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine unveiled a new billboard near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which they say is meant to raise awareness of the risks of colorectal cancer by consuming hot dogs.
Interview: Dr. Christopher "Topper" Doehring with 93 WIBC's Ed Wenck:
Dr. Christopher "Topper" Doehring, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Fransiscan St. Francis Health says he understands the point the group is trying to make but it's a bit of a stretch.
"Certainly, if you were consuming hot dogs at the rate some people smoke cigarettes, you might have an argument but that's not the case for most people unless you're talking about the competitive eating folks," Dr. Topper says.
Dr. Topper says eating hot dogs every day isn't recommended but adds it's hard to find any true, hard health risks if hot dogs are consumed in moderation.

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