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Daniels Cautions Against "Witch Hunt" in State Fair Probes

Governor says policies, performance will be reviewed


Governor Daniels is cautioning against a rush to judgment in the investigation of Saturday's deadly stage collapse at the State Fair.


Daniels says six agencies are working to pin down exactly why the stage gave way, and review the fair's weather evacuation policies. But he says it'd be wrong to jump to the conclusion the existing policies were flawed.

"Nobody's comfortable with the outcome here, obviously, but I think before we start any witch hunts, we ought to gather all the facts," Daniels says. "Let's recognize there were some extraordinarily unusual circumstances."

The State Police, state fire marshal, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and attorney general's office all have slices of the investigation, along with the Indianapolis Fire Department and Marion County Coroner.

The collapse before Sugarland's scheduled concert Saturday killed five people and injured 47. 18 people remain hospitalized.

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