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Funeral Service for Victim of State Fair Disaster

Anonymous donor pays for burial plot after employer covers funeral


Nathan Byrd
Nathan Byrd
Funeral services are being held today for Nathan Byrd. He's one of five people killed in the Indiana State Fair tragedy Saturday night.
Hundreds of loved ones and friends turned out at Shirley Brothers Mortuary for Byrd's visitation Wednesday evening. Byrd's sister Marilyn Barfield calls her brother a "superstar" who loved art and music ... mainly rock, blues and jazz.
She says he suceeded in many of the things he aspired to. Byrd was a spotlight operator and stage builder. He was perched in the rigging above the stage when the wind hit Saturday and toppled the structure.
Nathan's older brother Randy says Nathan was also a graphic artist. He says they made plans together and wanted to go into business and be rich someday.
Randy says Nathan was critically injured in the incident and died at Methodist Hospital early Sunday morning.
Nathan's daughter Natalie says her dad was funny and bright and for him, the glass was always half full. She says she thinks there's something organizers might have done to get him down from the rigging before it fell. She stayed with her dad until an hour before he died.
Nathan's son Trevor says his dad was always optimistic and he'll miss him greatly. Trevor says his dad was a hard worker and one of the best people he knew.

After Nathan’s death, his family was hit with large funeral bills and was told the funeral would cost $2,250.  Fox 59 reports Nathan’s funeral was paid for by his employer, but the plot was still not paid for.  Nathan’s family was unable to come up with the funds needed for the plot.  

Nathan’s younger brother, Scott, talked to Fox 59 and said an anonymous donor paid the amount needed for the plot.  Scott said his family is grateful for the support, and they are happy to know there are people in the world with such compassion.
Funeral services will be held at Calvary Tabernacle Church on Fletcher Avenue at 1pm.
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