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New Study on Parents' Perception of Teen Drug Use


A new study talks about parents' perception of alcohol and marijuana use among teenagers.
The study from the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital says that 10 percent of parents think their own teens drank alcohol in the last year and five percent think their teens smoked marijuana in the last year but people with teenagers say 60 percent of other teens have drank alcohol and 40 percent have smoke marijuana. Clinical psychologist Dr. Greg Sipes explains the statistics.
Listen:  Dr. Greg Sipes with 93 WIBC's Ed Wenck
"By the time you're in tenth grade, most kids have used alcohol and a good portion of kids have already smoked marijuana and by the time you're into twelfth grade, a vast majority have tried both," Dr. Sipes says.
Dr. Sipes says alcohol and marijuana aren't the only drugs to be concerned about. He says prescription medication is the fastest-growing type of substance abuse among teens.
Dr. Sipes says parents need to talk to their teenagers about drug and alcohol use whether they believe their kids have tried them or not. He says it's also smart to make sure any substances such as alcohol aren't readily available in the house.

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