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Jack Lugar Running For Congress


In an increasingly crowded primary against Fifth District Congressman Dan Burton, the least known candidate may have the best-known name.


Fishers attorney and realtor Jack Lugar says he's a distant relation at best to Indiana Senator Richard Lugar -- Richard Lugar's campaign says they're not related at all.

It's precisely his lack of political experience the Fishers Lugar hopes will make him stand out in a five-way Republican race. He argues he's not beholden to special interests or political parties, and more in tune with the needs of everyday voters.

Lugar says he'd reinvigorate the economy through deregulation. And he backs the "Cut, Cap and Balance" approach to the national debt, slashing and capping spending, while passing a constitutional amendment to ban future deficits.

Former U-S Attorney Susan Brooks, former Marion County Coroner John McGoff and former Congressman David McIntosh are also challenging Burton in the primary. Lugar acknowledges his biggest challenge will be matching their fundraising and name recognition.


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