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Stage Collapse, Spierer Vanishing, Democrats Walkout Among 2011 Top Stories


The deaths of seven people when the state fair stage collapsed in August is the top story of 2011, but there are other big stories that forever changed Indiana.


Just three weeks into 2011, IMPD Officer David Moore was shot four times when he pulled over 60-year-old Thomas Hardy.

Hardy is convicted criminal. He was on parole January 23rd, the day Moore was shot.

After the shooting, Moore was rushed to the hospital, but would not survive his injuries. He was kept on life support while his organs were taken to be donated.

Prosecutors want the death penalty for Hardy. He is still awaiting trial.

Another big story of 2011 is the disappearance of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer.

She vanished June 3, after a night out with friends.

Even after her vanishing got attention on national TV, there are no signs of what happened to her.

Spierer's mother said in December, the family is no closer now to finding Lauren, than they were in June.

Another big story that made headlines in 2011 is when democrats walked out of the state house and brought the session to a grinding stop.

House Democrats went over the state line to Illinois in February...staying five weeks.

Democrats' goal somewhat paid off when Republicans backed off their drive to make Indiana a "right to work" state.

However, the issue is alive again heading into 2012.


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