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Democratic Representative Speaks on Right-to-Work


Representative Ed Delaney 

Some of the Indiana House Democrats have been showing up for work. Ed Delaney of Indianapolis opposes the right to work legislation, but he says his party has accomplished what it could by delaying action on the bill.

Listen:  Representative Ed Delaney with 93 WIBC's Greg Garrison

"I think that the concerned focus should be on why the big rush on the Republican side and the only way to have that discussion is be out on the floor having it," said Delaney, who represents the 86th District. "I did mention to them that I was four years old when the Taft-Hartley Act was passed and...I've been told it's an emergency we act on it by Monday."

Taft-Hartley, passed in 1947, is still in effect. It prohibits certain practices including wildcat strikes and allowed states to adopt right-to-work laws.

"I think the effect of this bill would be to lower people's wages and not just union members," said Delaney. "Why do Subaru and why do Honda pay the kind of wages they do? They do because they've gotta compete with the UAW people."


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