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Senior Groups Blast Right To Work


A coalition of senior groups is speaking out on the Right to Work issue.


The Indiana Alliance for Retired Americans, Hoosiers First and United Senior Action say legislation pending before the General Assembly will hurt unions, workers, pensions and the dependents of workers. They say Right to Work "spells trouble" for Indiana residents and the state's economy.

They say lawmakers should "drop" which they say represents bad economics of the past. Hoosiers First President John Cardwell says the issue could harm upwards of one million Hoosiers. Cardwell says Right to Work is an unproven public policy that has created anxiety among Hoosier seniors. He says many seniors are now fearing for their benefits, investment portfolios, Social Security and Medicare.

United Senior Action President Denny Lanane says Right to Work will only benefit wealthy employers who'll take advantage of workers who've lost the backing of unions. Lanane says communities will suffer when workers who pay property taxes lose their jobs, savings and ability to support themselves.



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