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Doctors: Research Indicates Link Between ADHD and Diet


Doctors at Northwestern University say their research indicates a link between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a child's diet. The research suggests that improved eating habits might help ease symptoms.

But it's not what you've heard--nothing to do with eating too much sugar.

"This actually has more to do with processed foods and lack of fruits and vegetables," says Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Riley at I.U. Health.

She says kids should still be evaluated and treated as they are now with "appropriate medications and/or therapies."

"But in addition, it will probably be helpful for a parent to provide a diet that is high in unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables," said Dr. Hulvershorn. "Processed meats seem to be particularly problematic."

The study also shows a possible link between ADHD and pesticides. Dr. Hulvershorn says parents should fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed. If possible, she suggests using foods grown organically.


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